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Our Projects

The Arizona Health Professionals for Climate Action work and provide assistance on projects across the great state of Arizona to better prepare and equip communities and their environments.

Learn more about some of these projects and how you can participate here!

Sustainablity at Banner Medical System

As one of the largest medical systems in Arizona, Banner represents an opportunity to work on health care sustainability initiatives.  Currents successes include getting Desflurane off formulary as it is a potent green house gas used in the Anesthesia setting.   We are meeting with Banner leadership to work on creating a Sustainability working group, initiating a recycling program and utilizing more reusable consumables.


Medical School Climate Health Elective

We were able to create, get approval and execute on the first climate health course at the University of Arizona Medical School in less than 7 months!  With 12 lecturers, a wide range of topics and discussion were held engaging students in background information but also solution based advocacy.  This will be an annual course and we are hoping to expand it in the years to come.


Tucson Climate Stakeholder

Attending the Tucson Heat Summit in February, we are part of Tucson's Climate Action Stakeholder conversations as we partner with organizations around Tucson to work on implementation of our climate action plan, Tucson Resilent Together.

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