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AZHPCA's June Newsletter

Brian Drummond

Jun 25, 2024

Happy June to everyone and hope you are all able to find some time to recharge your batteries this summer.

We welcome Geoff, Emma, Kylie, Joseph and Hanna to our ranks!.  Thanks for joining our group. I hope to see you at an upcoming meeting!


-We signed on to a few letters to policy makers this past month as an organization including:

- A letter on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Exports from the United states not being in the public interest because of the health ramifications.  LNG is a way to export methane aka natural gas, which means it will be consumed elsewhere contributing to climate change health effects.  We would like to see renewable fuel sources and less drilling of this fossil fuel.

-A letter from the American Lung Association (ALA) to policy makers for EPA air Quality Standards not being overturned by congress.  This will lead to less fuel consumption per mile driven thus cleaner air, which is currently an F grade in our most populous counties in Arizona- Maricopa and Pima.

-A letter to the Army Corps of Engineers to stop sidestepping the Clean Water Act to remove a pipeline on the Band River Band reservation in Wisconsin.  This tenant of climate health involves supporting those communities most vulnerable who are put at highest risk by the use of fossil fuels with much of the infrastructure built in their backyard and not in those affluent communities where it is used.

-We were able to have two op ed pieces published in the local press:

- This first is an article in the Arizona Republic discussing the health effects of our polluted air and actions our policy makers can take.
-The second is an article in the Tucson Sentinel thanking the Biden administration for clean air standards but pushing for more to help with our respiratory health.

-Our member had multiple meetings with the Chief Heat Officer of Arizona Eugene Livar this past month.

 -May 29th we met with Arizona State University, Dr. Livar's team and others to start a dialogue on how we can help magnify the effects of heat across our state to health professionals.  We asked that climate change's impact on heat be a part of messaging and solutions.  Currently they are focused on mitigation strategies and we plan to meet again later this summer.  If you are interested in becoming involved in some of the state working groups please fill out this form and Dr. Livar's office will get back to you. 

-Our members will be part of 2 meetings with Dr. Livar to discuss messaging on heat resources, medication and heat education, and the role of climate and extreme heat.  We are trying to figure out the right messaging and how best to distribute it.

- Our Sustainable Healthcare Working Group met on June 12 with some exciting discussions and sites to do work.  We learned about the amazing work that Mollee is doing at St. Joe's in Phoenix, the start of sustainable work at Banner in Tucson and El Rio Clinics in Tucson.  Our goal will be to continue to work together to help each other share ideas and over challenges to reach a more sustainable healthcare system.  

-Other meetings this month included being a part of an American Lung Association National Advisory Panel where they are looking for provider input especially in Arizona to help with messaging.  We were also able to meet with the Pima County Office of Climate and Health Justice to see how we can help each other support policy and messaging.  

Education information:

CHOF Application Season - Climate Health Organizing Fellowship 2025

Many folks on this list are already big fans of the Harvard CHOF fellowship hosted by the Center for Health Equity, Education, and Advocacy (CHEEA) at Cambridge Health Alliance. Applications open July 1st. Please register here for information about the upcoming fellowship. 

-Become a Climate & Health Equity Advocate: Action Skills Training

Tuesdays, July 9 - August 20, 2024 | Virtual | 3:00 PM ET // 12:00 PM PT


Are you interested in learning how to communicate about the intersection of climate change and health most effectively? The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health is hosting a six-part climate communications training series that can help build your skills and confidence as a public voice on climate change, health, and equity.


Upcoming session: 2.0 Rules of the Road for Engaging With Policymakers

Federal, state and local policies shape the lives of our patients, hospital systems and our own lives. Understanding how to engage with the leaders behind these policies can help create a better world. You’ll learn how to best do so to create meaningful impact and change during this session.



Arizona Digital Free Press

REPORT: Clean energy creates $78M in annual revenue helping Arizona Communities

Clean Energy Powers Arizona, a report published by the American Clean Power Association, shows that 12% of electricity in the state is provided by wind and solar. Clean energy investment is poised to grow through 2030 as the state's booming population and businesses demand more American-produced power.


AP analysis finds 2023 set record for US heat deaths, killing in areas that used to handle the heat

The death certificates of more than 2,300 people who died in the United States last summer mention the effects of excessive heat, the highest number in 45 years of records, according to an Associated Press analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. With May already breaking heat records, 2024 could be even deadlier. Nearly three-quarters of the heat deaths last summer were in five southern states that were supposed to be used to the heat and planned for it. Except this time they couldn't handle it, and it killed 874 people in Arizona, 450 in Texas, 226 in Nevada, 84 in Florida and 83 in Louisiana. Those five states accounted for 61% of the nation's heat deaths in the last five years, skyrocketing past their 18% share of U.S. deaths from 1979 to 1999.

AZ Central 

Climate change could affect the food we grow. A UA researcher seeks ways to adapt

What if you could take foods grown in the Sonoran Desert and plant them around the world, addressing future food insecurity worsened by a warming planet? That’s the goal of a University of Arizona researcher who is trying to envision what the dishes of the future will look like with ingredients grown today in one climate that could grow well someplace else in 50 years.

Upcoming AZHPCA Activites:

Sustainability Committee Meetings:

AZHPCA Summit 12-1400 Sept 10th

-Keynote Speaker will Edward Maibach

Action Items:

1. Stop the Line 5 Pipeline Army Corps Permit Enbridge, the company behind Line 5, plans to expand the pipeline beyond the reservation boundaries, posing a grave risk to the Great Lakes and public health. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is currently bypassing a crucial aspect of the Clean Water Act’s environmental assessment for this permit. Healthy Climate Wisconsin is taking the lead on this letter.  Individual health professionals can take action here. You can find social media, email templates, and more in this toolkitDeadline: August 2nd 

2. PSR Boston Letter on Symbicort Turbuhaler  Greater Boston PSR is leading an open letter to AstraZeneca, asking them to bring the Symbicort Turbuhaler to the U.S. market.  Symbicort is available in several countries but not in the U.S. Switching from pressurized MDIs to dry powder inhalers can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as the propellants in MDIs are potent greenhouse gases. You can sign on here.  Deadline: July 1st   

3. Farm Policy is HEALTH Policy, share your voice now!

In March, over 81 organizations urged Congress to center health in upcoming farm policy discussions. Now, we need you to share your trusted voice for this important issue. Message your representatives and ask them to protect both conservation and nutrition programs. All families deserve access to clean water, healthy air, and nutritious foods.



Will chat soon and share the invite to join AZPHCA with anyone who is interested.

Thanks so much for your interest and passion.

-Brian Drummond

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