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AZHPCA's March Newsletter

Brian Drummond

Apr 1, 2024

Happy March to all!

Well that is a weak April Fools but the reason for the delay this month was for an Easter Egg:

We have a new website and it is published!!!!!!

Please check it out and let us know what you think.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped with content and to Nick and Keith for their help putting it together.  Goal right now is to work out kinks and add content that is appropriate but if there is something you want to see let us know!  Enjoy, pass it on to others and hopefully you find some useful resources for your work.

We welcome Kaelon, Amanda, Ali, Darius and Raymond. Thanks for joining our group. I hope to see you at an upcoming meeting!


--Our Medical Student course ran from March 11-22 and went really well!  As our first session we had 6 students take the elective with great discussions and capstone projects.  Some of the lectures are up on our YouTube page

-Vivian reached out to meet with Dr. Eugene Livar the newly appointed Chief Heat Officer by Gov. Hobbs and we are planning to meet with him in May to help support education and policy work linking our extreme temperatures with climate change and worse health outcomes.

-Supporting Health in Farm Policy Discussions:

We are proud to join 80 medical societies and health organizations, including the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health (MSCCH), in signing on to a letter that highlights the importance of prioritizing health in upcoming farm policy discussions. Our collective voice calls for farm policy that champions affordable, nutritious food and ensures clean air and water. Nutrition and conservation are intrinsically linked — programs like SNAP nourish millions, while Title 2 Conservation programs protect our environment and support farmers. Robust nutrition programs along with conservation initiatives that safeguard soil health, air quality, and water purity protect and promote the health of our patients and communities today and into the future. By embracing climate-smart practices, we not only fortify our food supply but also mitigate pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By protecting these priorities, we can safeguard a healthier future for all, one that prioritizes the well-being of our patients and communities alike.

- Our work on the EPA standards became finalized:

On March 20, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized the light-duty vehicle standard, which curbs emissions from cars and mid-size vehicles. The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health celebrates this rule and its associated reduction in climate and health-harming pollutants.

This is a crucial measure to protect patients across the country, and we believe it is an important step towards a clean energy future. But there is still more to do. We look forward to the EPA finalizing the standards for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles and carbon pollution from power plants.


Education information:

- Dr. Neelu Tummala, an ENT physician, writes about how climate change is exacerbating allergies and answers the question "What can we do about it?".

- Sustainable healthcare work is supported by about 75% of health professionals:

-Columbia's Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education is hosting a Climate and Health Responder Course: Education for Action.  It is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18--1930 Eastern time from April 2- May 2 2024.  Click Here to Register.  CME available


AZ Mirror

Arizona Republicans could ask voters to enshrine the right to a gas stove in the constitution

Republicans are considering asking voters to amend the Arizona Constitution to slow down efforts towards a zero-emission future by prohibiting towns and cities from restricting the sale and use of things like stoves and lawn care equipment because they use fossil fuels. 


Tucson Sentinel

Top Republicans & Az Chamber of Commerce suing EPA over new pollution rules

Republican lawmakers are challenging a federal rule aimed at reducing smokestack and diesel emissions, arguing that its new requirements are too stringent to implement and will be financially devastating for Arizona. 

NHO News

Navajo Nation gets keys to Navajo Generating Station

After nearly 55 years, the land leased by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and five utilities to build the Navajo Generating Station has been returned to the Navajo Nation.

Mining Weekly

$475m in US govt funding for clean energy projects on former mine land

The US Department of Energy (DoE) has announced up to $475-million in funding for five projects in Arizona, Kentucky, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to accelerate clean energy deployment on current and former mine land.



Phoenix claims top spot in list of nation’s ‘Best Cities for Solar Energy’

Arizona dominated a national ranking that details which U.S. cities lead the way in solar power potential.


Arizona Capitol Times

Arizona part of battery and green energy climate solution

In the Arizona desert, a Danish company is building a massive solar farm that includes batteries that charge when the sun is shining and supply energy back to the electric grid when it’s not.


Steering Committee April 18- We will be planning the AZHPCA Summit.

Sustainability Committee Meetings:

AZHPCA Summit 12-1400 Sept 10th

-Keynote Speaker will Edward Maibach

Action Items:

 1.  A big part of advocacy and democracy is to have people voting who are educated on the topic. is one way we can help get patients registered to vote.  They will send you a free badge with a QR code that is non partisan to allow them to register to vote.  This is a way we can move climate health policy forward.  Mine arrived in about 2 weeks. 

Will chat soon and share the invite to join AZPHCA with anyone who is interested.

Thanks so much for your interest and passion.


Send this link to others to Join!

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