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Beat the Heat!

Learn more and find resources about how you can tackle heat related health problems in Arizona this summer!

CDC's Heat Related Illness

CDC's Heat Illness page for quick facts and solutions

HeatRisk Forecast Tool

The HeatRisk Forecast Tool, developed by CDC and NOAA, provides a seven-day national-scale heat forecast that tells you when temperatures reach levels that could harm health.

CDC Clinical Guidance for Healthcare Professionals

CDC clinical guidance will enable clinicians and their patients to create personalized plans that will help ensure we can continue to safely enjoy warmer months. Even though heat can impact anyone's physical and mental health, many groups may be particularly sensitive to heat and CDC's guidance has focused initially on children with asthma, pregnant women, and people with cardiovascular disease.

"Arizona is one of the hottest places on earth from May to September. Heat-related illnesses are common during the summer. Year after year, nearly 3,000 people visit Arizona emergency rooms because of heat-related illnesses."
"Arizona is experiencing increasingly longer periods of extreme heat, causing more Arizonans to experience heat-related illness, emergency room visits, and death. Taking proactive measures to mitigate the challenges posed by rising temperatures is essential in protecting the health of Arizonans."
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ADHS Resources

Resources that are easy to read and share from the ADHS about health problems and solutions in our Arizona climate!

Heat Safety Home Page

The home page and quick facts and for the Arizona summer about heat and heat related illness!

Arizona Extreme Heat Preparedness Plan

The ADHS’ recommendations and findings for the Arizona Extreme Heat Preparedness Plan!

Heat Safety - School Toolkit

The Heat Illness Prevention School Project (HIPSP) is a toolkit created by the Arizona Department of Health Services. The goal of the toolkit is to educate students, school staff, athletic coaches, and parents regarding heat-related illness and prevention. The Heat Illness Prevention School Project aims to reduce the number of heat-related illnesses in schools.


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Student Resources

UHLA Cohort 4 Enrollment Application

This program is for Maricopa County community leaders. The curriculum was developed with ASU, U of A and Maricopa County plus some community organizations. Deadline to submit applications is May 17th, 2024.

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