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Our Organization

AZHPCA is a coalition of Arizona health professionals who recognize that climate change harms our health. We educate, empower, and engage health professionals, the public, and policy makers on climate action so that our future will be healthy, sustainable, and equitable.


We believe climate solutions double as community health solutions and putting people first leads to longer, healthier lives for individuals while simultaneously addressing climate change.

We Aim To:

  1. Motivate health professionals to understand how climate change affects their populations

  2. Motivate health professionals to provide support and education regarding climate change solutions in their care settings

  3. Motivate health professionals to act

  4. Provide forums for education

  5. Provide a framework for organized advocacy 

  6. Provide tangible solutions that are easy to implement for individuals and organizations

  7. Provide accurate climate and health information to government, private sector, and other key leadership organizations and decision makers

  8. Create relationships with other organizations

  9. Reach out to health professionals from a variety of occupations and backgrounds

  10. Motivate health professionals to examine their own relationship to the environment

  11. Engage Healthcare Organizations to decarbonize and implement sustainable practices for their patients’ health

  12. Be a trusted resource for the public to learn about climate change’s relationship to health, take climate-forward actions, and empower their communities

Steering Committee

We work on big picture priorities for AzHPCA such as identifying advocacy, policy and funding opportunities, networking with other organizations and partners and overseeing the operations of AzHPCA. This is a great place to learn about and contribute to behind the scenes work that is underway. This is open to anyone who is interested. Join us and make a difference.

Sustainable Healthcare Working Group

We work on sustainable healthcare solutions from policy to community and individual action.  We share resources, opportunities, lessons learned and successes involving strategies to decrease waste, improve energy efficiency, identify and implement healthy food options and successful, evidence based practices to lower the healthcare setting’s carbon footprint.  We meet virtually and invite you to join us to help make our healthcare system  more sustainable.

Research Working Group

We seek research opportunities that examine environmental and clinical factors and policies where climate change is negatively affecting our patient’s health.  We are creating a website repository of studies on climate health topics for easy reference.  Currently, we are looking at particulate matter and surveying to understand people’s thoughts on climate and health topics.  We are open to ideas on research topics and encourage you to join us with our endeavors.

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