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Air Quality Resources

Air Quality Website

AirNow is a website to check Air Quality where you are or where you may visit.

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Arizona Air Quality ADEQ

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is a resource for air quality.  It also links to air monitoring, smoke and wildfire information.  

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Pima County Air Quality Website

Pima County website has links to monitoring, clean air campaign and other air quality issues.

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CDC Website for Air Quality

The CDC has some good resources both for education and for health professionals.

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Maricopa County Air Quality Website

Maricopa county website has links to monitoring, dust and other air quality issues.

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Air Quality
Videos and Webinars

American Lung Association's Community Connections: Air Pollution & Climate Change

How do climate change and dirty air impact our lungs and, indeed, our overall health? And what can we do in Arizona and Nevada to avoid the most dangerous outcomes of climate change? 

This video covers air pollutions, wildfires, allergies and actions we can take to make a difference.

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The Methane Power Plant Reality: Exploring its Impact on Human Health

This video explains methane peaker plants and the health effects they cause to humans.  Why these peaker plants are used and what are alternatives including solar with storage options are covered as healthier options.

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