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Extreme  Weather Resources

Arizona Dept. Public Health Extreme Weather Website

This website links to heat, wildfire, monsoon and extreme cold safety tips.


Arizona State Climate Office Website

Provides links to severe weather and types of events in Arizona.  Also has recent news section for current and upcoming weather events.


Univ. Arizona Geological Suvey Website

This website has links to weather sites and interactive maps for some of these hazards.


EPA Climate Change Weather and Climate Website

Discussed temperature, rainfall, flooding and cyclone changes with links to each of these weather events


Extreme Weather
Videos and Webinars

Severe Weather Lecture from 2024 Medical Student course

Understanding weather patterns helps to frame how increasing temperatures are leading to more severe weather.


Greenland ice sheet melting affecting patient health

This Capstone project from the 2024 medical student sustainable healthcare elective class looks at Greenland ice sheet melting and the effects on patient health.


The biggest myth about climate change

This video explains how our behavior is leading to warming and energizing of the planet which leads to extreme weather.  Be Smart has some great videos with thought provocing videos on climate change.  .

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