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Voting Green In Arizona!

Voting is an important part of year to year climate policy and action.

In Arizona, where environmental challenges such as water scarcity, heat waves, and air quality are increasingly pressing; casting your vote on green initiatives is more crucial than ever. Local ballot measures focused on sustainability and environmental protection are significant to improvements in our communities; from advancing renewable energy projects to enhancing conservation efforts.

Participating in these elections and learning about the ballot measures and candidates important to Arizona climate efforts is some of the easiest and most impactful opportunities you have to directly influence policies that promote a healthier and more sustainable future for Arizona!

Key Seats and Measures: 2024

Arizona Corporation Commission

Arizona is holding an election for three of the five seats (a controlling majority) on the Arizona Corporation Commission on November 5, 2024

"The Arizona Corporation Commission is a quasi-executive regulatory agency in the Arizona state government. The commission is Arizona's state regulatory body for non-municipal utility companies, including energy, heat, trash, water, and communications firms. It also oversees the incorporation of businesses, securities regulation and railroad/pipeline safety."

Proposition 000


Proposition 111

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