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Mental Health  and Wellness
Climate Policy and Advocacy

What we experience every day affects our well being and as our planet warms and severe weather intensifies, we face increasing stressors from our changing climate.  As we attempt to deal with this existential threat our minds struggle to understand, we need to find grounding in activities and behaviors that address fossil fuel consumption but also prepare a mental healthcare capacity for the next disaster that strikes.

Learning About Arizona Legislature 

To have your voice heard in Arizona in need to know what bills are being presented and voice your input on those bills.  Signing up for the REQUEST TO SPEAK PROGRAM (RTS) will allow you to do perform this duty in policy formation.   Follow this information to learn how to sign up and navigate the system!

Advocacy Solutions to Improve Mental Wellness

Decreasing Heat Islands

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Urbanization changes natural spaces with soil and vegetation to buildings and hardscape (streets, parking lots) which in Arizona creates a heat island effect where hardscape absorbs heat all day and releases it at night. To help decrease this warming effect we must decrease some of our hardscape by bringing the natural cooling effect back into our urban spaces. Working with urban planners to create more parks and greenspace along our roads. As temperature increase so does anxiety, stress, and aggressive behavior, minimizing these heat island can decrease the occurrence of many of these mental health disorders.

High Air Quality

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Clean air from an ocean or forest is seen as healthy, peaceful, and soothing. Instead of having to go to those locations, clean air should be all around us. This decreases mental distress, fatigue and psychological challenges from respiratory illness. These solutions include decreasing consumption of fossil fuels for transportation and energy production and increasing greenspace in our communities.


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Biodiversity of nature around us creates a multisensory experience which is calm and relaxing. When combined with green infrastructure our urban spaces become less intense and distressing. Mixing in stormwater management can keep these biodiverse greenspaces with fresh clean water. This supports many forms of life and replenishes our water table, providing us with access to clean water which helps with normal brain function. We need to make sure this is implemented in areas with disproportionately less green infrastructure- communities of color and those of lower socioeconomic income.

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