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Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources

American Psychological Association Website

Link to overview of some studies and 2 educational videos on the topic.


Climate Psychiatry Alliance

An organization of psychiatrists working to help educate and advocate for mental health impacts from climate change.  Good resources related to wildfires, air pollution, extreme heat and other topics.


CDC Website blog on Mental Health impacts from Climate Change

Explains link between climate change and mental health with resources for professionals and disaster response leaders.

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National Institute of Environmental Health Services

Description of climate affecting health and links to position statements from agencies and goals of research.


Extreme Weather
Videos and Webinars

Mental Health and Climate Change 2024 Med Stud lecture

Mental health is linked to climate change and how we process the stressors of our sick planet. This was part of the medical student course in 2024.


Climate Psychiatry: The Diverse Challenges of Climate to Mental Health

Climate instability is one of the most urgent public health threats of the 21st Century. Mental health is profoundly impacted by the disruptions associated with climate change. Drs. Robin Cooper and Alex Trope, Department of Psychiatry at UCSF, explore the harm and the affects on mental heath

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