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Food Knolling

Food Security 

EPA Website

EPA website regarding Climate Change Impacts on Ariculture and Food Supply


IPCC Special Report on Food Security 

This IPCC special report on climate change and land use focuses on the effects on food security.


Project Drawdown Website

Project Drawdown is a non profit which has identified multiple solutions for climate change and looked at CO2 reductions possible.  This section has many food and agriculture solutions.


Kiss the Ground Movie

Kiss the Ground is non profit that works on regenerative agriculture to place carbon back into the soil.  This is an uplifting documentary that explores the benefits of a healthy soil.


Food Security
Videos and Webinars

Food Security and Agriculture lecture

Agriculture makes up a large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions and we all need food to survive. Did you know that reducing food waste and switching to a plant rich diet are two of the most potent solutions to climate health issues? Listen in to learn about our food system, diet and solutions for reducing the impact on our planet.


Food choices impacting on climate change and health

This Capstone project from the 2024 medical student sustainable healthcare elective class is useful for all ages to discuss impacts of food choices on greenhouse gas emissions which impacts your health.


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